You may need a Development Consulting Solutions Case for Support Writing services IF:

You may need a “Development Consulting Solutions” Case for Support Writing services IF:

  • Your fundraising messages are not consistent across and within platforms
  • You have not identified and articulated why you need contributed income or what impact a donor is going to have through giving to your organization
  • Your message is not specific, compelling, or urgent
  • Your fundraising “Calls to Actions” are weak and underperforming
  • You are seeking a new executive director and you want to be sure that this leader has an opportunity to select the permanent development director
  • Or, you are failing to articulate your bold vision for the future in a way that motivates people to become engaged in your mission

“DCS” provides Case for Support Writing services for those organizations looking to develop consistent messaging that is compelling and urgent calling donors to become more deeply engaged in your core work.

DCS uses a TEAM approach with its in-house professional writer and graphic designer, to take your Case for Support from conceptual to brochure. We handle your Case each step of the way.

Here is what our TEAM’s Case for Support Writing services include:

  • Develop a condensed Case for Support Marketing Brief Concept to be utilized to gain critical stakeholder buy-in and engagement.
  • Develop up to a ten-page Case for Support Abstract document that will be used to define the organization’s “Unique Selling Proposition” and need for philanthropic income.
  • Develop print-ready collateral materials, an example, a PowerPoint Presentation, tri-fold brochure, gift/pledge form, digital marketing materials, and/or other print collateral materials determined needed.

Utilizing an in-house TEAM of professionals and support staff, DCS takes your Case from concept to design with no hidden fees or extra costs. You walk away with beautifully designed case expressions collaterals as well as a full “encyclopedic” internal Case.

The experience, credentials, education, and a proven track record to get you the results you need

Don’t settle for anyone less than “DCS” when it comes to writing and designing YOUR organization’s fundraising Case for Support. Our TEAM will have you calling donors to action while looking good all at the same time.

Fundraising Case for Support Services:

Period: Three-month period
Cost: $5,000 one-time

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*No risk guaranteed – Development Consulting Solution contracts for three months at a time. We take on the risk by offering a trial contract period!
For on-site and outsourced in-office interim services, pricing does not include travel, accommodations, and food.
“DCS” offers a 6.5% contract discount to all of its previous clients returning for services. This excludes renewal contracts.