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This webinar was an excellent introduction to the framework necessary for full board success. A good board is the foundation of a nonprofit’s success, and a highly functioning board is within reach if you use some of the tools introduced in the workshop.

Good suggestions, looking forward to digging into the downloads and sharing with my CEO.

We are a very small non-profit/organization, however, this gave some terrific ideas and MUST DO practices moving forward. Thank you!

I was enlightened by the importance of having a case of support and liked that I was given the tools, and direction, of how to get started.

Very helpful for the beginner who has no idea what a Case for Support is, what it should contain and how you can utilize it.

Lots of great information on what needs to be in the different case statements

Great webinar. Anyone needing information on how/where to start with creating a case statement should start here!

OMG it is like you are reading my mind – the pdf resource you shared is EXACTLY what I need, and just when I need it. Thank you so much!

GREAT WEBINAR!!! So many are just ones that take time without really learning things, this one is 110% worth it!!!

Great information, I see what we are doing right and what we can improve on!

Lots of info! Looking forward to trying to put it to use.

It was very informative and included a lot of good takeaways.

Amazing and to the point! Thank you for the topic and the information cannot wait to review the slides again.

This was great information. Thank you! I am excited to take this info the ED and begin to implement these strategies!

“I’ve been involved in more webinars, conferences and trainings than I can count, this one is one of the best I’ve attended!

Great webinar with lots of suggestions and ideas to help make this year’s end of year campaign a much bigger success.

That was terrific! Lots of food for thought… and action! Thank you so much for offering this webinar.

Her webinars are always the best!

The presenter was so great and the material so easy to digest. We have some work to do, but with the recommended tools, I know we’ll get there! Thanks!

I am new to capital campaign fundraising. The seminar and Ms. Cabral’s presentation provided a detailed road map as to the necessary steps and plan as to how to put together a successful campaign.

This webinar opportunity appeared in my email at the best time because The Safe Center LI is just embarking on a $3 million capital campaign and will be working with a consultant closely on achieving our goals. It is useful to know best practices so that we can engage with the consultant in a way that will yield a successful campaign.

Thank you so much for conducting such an educational webinar. I’m inspired and excited to begin our campaign.

Thank you for a very informative webinar.  I found a lot of the information useful and something to further discuss with the Executive Director before “jumping” into campaign mode.

Robin’s presentation was educational AND thought-provoking for me! It was helpful to learn that we’re doing some things right, but could make improvements. I can’t wait to get into the supplemental materials, as I think those alone justify the cost of the webinar. Highly recommend!

Being involved for years on a few non-profit boards, I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad practices. This webinar was excellent in providing me with useful data and understanding of what it means to be a board member and how to get the most out of it for myself as well as the organization.

As a new board member, the webinar formed a good foundation of information of how I can fulfill my role as a board member.

As someone who has served on numerous boards and is a current board chair, I was a little reluctant to take this course when I saw that it was described as a basic course. But although many of the concepts are pretty old hat for anyone who has board experience, there were several “basics” that my boards had never done and I as a leader was not doing. So even if you are a seasoned board member, I think you find that there are “basics” that you are either unaware of or not following to the fullest extent.

The content was excellent, and the download material will no doubt come in handy.

She was organized and had definitive ideas on how to engage my BOD

This was an excellent overview of an important subject – How to have an Effective Board. My organization will be using many of the suggestions made by Robin Cabral.

I finally got a job offer! And I thought of your advice so much, about envisioning a situation – and I did, and it worked, and you’re my heroine! Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind during what was a very difficult time. Hope you’re still enjoying your fabulous self!

Great overview for board members. I wish I could have convinced some of mine to attend!

All those who are new to being on a board would benefit from this.

This is a great introduction on what is required when sitting on a board.

This webinar brought up some new details for our board. We are covering 99% of this, but great to learn more about that 1% we can work on and also always improve on other elements. Thank you

The webinar exceeded my expectations. I wish our whole board could have participated.

Wow! A great webinar and I am so excited to share this info with my executive team!

This webinar was a great resource for best practice knowledge of board development. I am excited to take many of the things I learned and the shared tools and use them in the field with my Board of Directors. I highly recommend this for anyone in governance or who engages with your organization’s board.

Organized, creative use of interactive polls, encouraged questions and comments so we learned from each other, excellent information!

How to Engage Your Board members provided excellent information that was easy to understand and implement. The documents and templates will be extremely helpful as we move forward.

For a current Board member, this is a helpful and refreshing review. I would recommend this as part of the Board review of its own effectiveness. Thanks so much!

Thorough, engaging and relevant. It’s just what I signed up for.

Information presented was very applied and will be useful to our organization.  The content and delivery far exceeded my expectations.

Excellent webinar, I have been looking for board development information for a while now but this 1.5 hour webinar provided me with lots of information that I will be able to use immediately. I am very excited, and the tools given are very helpful as well.

Excellent in content and practical knowledge to implement.

I have been in my position for a long time. I found the presentation gave me renewed energy to restructure my board.

I’m a seasoned ED and found this useful.  We can get so busy day to day that we forget to invest time in our board – loved the handouts!

Good information that was comprehensive and on-topic.

Very valuable information was given, great presenter who is very knowledgeable.  Having to be able to get templates after the webinar is great.

Great presentation with much needed information. Will definitely like having the information available for review.

A great deal of information presented clearly for what is a very complex and complicated process

This is the first time for our organization to do a capital campaign and this was a great way to get started, good presentation and resources

Very good practical and usable tips! I feel confident in saying that we will be able to avoid some of the newbie pitfalls of capital campaigns because of the seminar.

Great overview of Capital Campaign for beginners.

It made me “back up” and think through some things that will be integral to our success. Just in time!

Even though I’ve been involved with capital campaigns before, this was good as a review with great reminders as we gear up as well being useful for someone just starting their first one. And love having access to the tools so I don’t have to resurrect past campaign materials.

This webinar was excellent. It far exceeded my expectations. I came away with practical applications to use with our capital campaign.

Great basic overview of how to start a Capital Campaign! Great methodical step-by-step approach!

I appreciated all facts and thoughts on policies when dealing with Capital campaign.

We received a great template for how to move forward with realistic benchmarks for where we are in the process. The presentation was very engaging, with presenter soliciting audience responses to poll questions

The downloadable documents alone were worth the price of the webinar.

Great information and practical advice on how to get started with a Capital Campaign!

Very useful information from a qualified expert. Lots of good ideas and food for thought. The templates look great too!

Thanks again. The presentation was great, and the material is perfectly timed for us!

The polls keep things interested. Presenter was very gracious about sharing information via the polling feature.

Absolutely essential for small non-profits where development office has many roles. Many ideas for planning introduced that I had not thought of. I believe this will greatly impact the success of our upcoming campaign.

Great presenter, good information that is very useful. I am not big fan of webinars but this one was excellent!

An excellent webinar, I have been looking for board development information for a while now but this 1.5-hour webinar provided me with lots of information that I will be able to use immediately. I am very excited, and the tools given are very helpful as well.

Information presented was very applied and will be useful to our organization. The content and delivery far exceeded my expectations.

It was a pleasure working with you. God bless you for all you did and continue to do. As I said to you, I have never seen such a clear, concise, organized report. And I have seen many.

GREAT presentation Robin – truly one of the best ones of the two days here at the AFP NNE Conference!

I’m a seasoned ED and found this useful. We can get so busy day to day that we forget to invest time in our board – loved the handouts!
Good information that was comprehensive and on-topic.

Very valuable information was given, Robin is the great presenter who is very knowledgeable. Having to be able to get templates after the webinar is great.

Great presentation with much-needed information. Will definitely like having the information available for review.

I thought Robin was excellent. Looking forward to seeing the materials as well.

I have been in my position for a long time. I found Robin’s presentation gave me renewed energy to restructure my board.

I wanted to share I sat in your webinar Making a Case for Support Webinar and it was excellent. I already used a number of your suggestions to enhance my ability to build a case for support for one of my clients. Thank you!

We have already used your presentation to our advantage here in the office, having posted the seven categories of donors on the “upcoming challenges” bulletin board! Lots of good ideas.

Robin presented one of the more practical workshops that I have attended in a long-time.

Her presentation had excellent coverage of fundamentals as well as actionable development plans.

She provided a very practical and enthusiastic approach to key topic area.

We thoroughly enjoyed her workshop and learned quite a bit about organizing and presenting our case of support and case statements. We are now energized and ready to begin to organize our next capital campaign!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This morning was wonderful! Everyone was telling me how much they loved it. Would you believe all the evaluations came back with “excellent” plus several asked for “longer program”!

I just had the time to quickly peruse the Case and of course I’m blown away.  I have been trying to do this for over a year!!!!

You are by far the BEST speaker and all your handouts are wonderful.

Your webinar was one of the best I ever heard! It was informative, high energy, engaging and thought provoking!!”

You detailed all aspects of the Case and broke it down which made it so easy to understand. I have paid hundreds for the courses and I still did not understand it as I did through your webinar.”

Great introduction for those new to fundraising! Looking forward to going through the process and developing a fundraising platform.


Great presentation on developing major gifts in a nutshell.


This webinar is a great intro for someone (like me) who is new to cultivating major donors. The content provided me a great “plan of attack” to get started with our own donor database and use time effectively by ranking donors.


Robin Cabral provided information that will lead to an increase in my organization’s major donor base.


Robin Cabral provided an efficient summary of the whys and hows of major donor cultivation. Certainly sufficient to follow her action steps. And this webinar left us with a body of resources for further learning also.

Peace through Action USA

I am a small shop and didn’t really know how to rank and rate my major donors. I walked away with so much. Thanks!


As an experienced fundraiser, this was a great refresher on the steps to building a major gifts portfolio. I think it would also be a great introduction for newer colleageus as well.


Great information to help build our major gift program.


I am just starting out in the asking for donations world and this shed a light bulb to start on my journey


I am somewhat new to fundraising and am pursuing a CFRE. I appreciated learning from a seasoned professional.


Helpful step-by-step guide for those new to creating major donor portfolios. Great tools and resources provided.


Robin Cabral was excellent and shared lots of information in a very short time.


This was a really helpful webinar to get our organization headed in the right direction to cultivate and steward major donors. I loved the concrete numbers and action steps.


Major donors are a challenge, and this webinar made it easier!


Thank you for being a tremendous source. I have not been keeping a portfolio per say so this will get me started.


This webinar hit on many aspects that my non-profit is dealing with. Extremely helpful.


Excellent overview of starting a major donor fundraising program. Robin provided not only a very helpful framework and process but also key insights and tools to implement successfully (eg 150 target donors split into 10/40/100 priority groups). Thank you!


As a small, recently organized non-profit, this is an area in which we have little to no experience . This webinar provided concrete steps to develop and maintain a major donor program that will benefit our organization.


This was a very helpful basic introduction on how to build major donor relationships. It gives me a starting point for how to think about this process.


Webinar provided great information on how to identify major give prospects, and how to successfully solicit a major gift from them


Right to the point step-by-step to identify major donors, ranking, cultivating and expanding major gifts for non-profit organizations donors identify with and know their gifts will have a major impact to real communities.


The presenter is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. She provides numerous templates and suggestions which can be put into place immediately.


Outstanding resources provided and many keen insights shared. Well worth my time and attention. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with my fellow board members.


Excellent and well-organized presentation on the many facets of Major Gift Fundraising.


Your precision in delivery is impressive. Ms. Cabral was knowledgeable and confident, moving through the presentation crisply and with clarity for all professional levels to relate to.


Great topic and helpful tips to plan our portfolio!


This webinar gives an outline of the tasks and steps that need to be taken to build a major gifts portfolio.


There was a lot of information that I can share with my nonprofit colleagues! Thank you very much


So much valuable information!


The webinar provided useful content and actionable steps I can implement to better my major donor cultivation strategies.


This webinar was helpful for me, I am the Executive Director of a small nonprofit and many webinars are focused on very large organizations with multi-million dollar budgets and a large staff. The breakdown for different-sized organizations was extremely useful.


Robin is one of the best presenters, with lots of experience and knowledge.


This webinar has put things in perspective on how to organize and get to know our donors. The tools provided I will be testing out for future goals.


Robin Cabral shared her extensive knowledge about donor databases and donor relationships with us today. I am not a CFRE; I am a grant writer and program developer. However, it is important for me to move outside of my comfort zone to help my organization succeed. Robin’s skillful talk gave me the inspiration to learn even more!


I thought this way so helpful! It was well planned, organized and had a wealth of information that I found very valuable. I can’t believe it was free!


As a young fundraising professional I appreciated learning from experienced fundraisers with a deep wealth of knowledge. The seminar was very informative and engaging, and left me with a list of action items to help refine my portfolio and processes.


Really concise, relevant material, and an efficiently organised webinar. Thank you!


The strategies presented and discussed regarding donors will help me immensely as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee in my NPOs.

Dr. John

Great presentation!

Robin’s presentation was very informative.

Favorite part: You can ask for appropriations from your Senator.

I really needed to refresh my learning to work on my organization’s case for support annual review, and I found this session extremely helpful. I have become “unstuck,” and my head is now brimming with ideas and next steps. I stopped attending webinars for some time because I wasn’t finding them useful, nor was I learning much. This webinar has renewed my faith. Thank you!


Robin was very engaging and made sure that participants understood the concepts throughout the course. Her samples were great and helped to bring life to the topic.


I appreciated the presentation being very direct & specific, yet a couple of examples thrown in to hit the message home.


Between the webinar and extra materials provided, I feel confident in helping guide my school through the campaign process! “Success in the sequence” and this was an important first step.


I learned a great deal about how to plan and run capital campaigns; I’m feeling much more informed and confident now!


Biggest takeaway is building a need statement. We have that but not fully fleshed out. We usually build it for each grant. I think we can be more consistent about it. I like the presenter’s cadence. I stayed engaged.

Robin was actually able to make it a “conversation” even though it was a Webinar. Really kept me interested.

Robin, it was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. I learned so much in our short time together. I brought some of your ideas back to my team meeting yesterday and they are excited to see the YE campaign come together. I hope to have a thoughtful engagement plan developed in the next couple of weeks to allow the team enough time to make edits!


I attended how to beat the Social Media Algorithm training and it was an hour well spent. Through polls and discussion I could see where our organization stood in relation to others, I learned the top trends for 2021 that we needed to adapt, and I was able to think of some fun new campaigns using tools we’ve never used before. Looking forward to attending more sessions in the future.

I think Robin is wonderful to work with!


Robin is very encouraging.


Robin is incredibly helpful in every way. I really enjoy our time.


It was my final session with Robin. If tears would have helped, I would have cried. I loved my coaching sessions with Robin. She is the best. She is an amazing coach and I learned so much from her.


Robin, you are the reason we have been able to sustain ourselves. The timing is just right for us to push ahead.


I just wanted to say thank you for your 3 part webinar I was part of for Writing a Winning Grant! I was actually writing for a grant during the time of the webinar and was able to apply some of the tips to the application! We wrote for $10,000 and were awarded $5,000 which was HUGE! Definitely sent a follow-up thank you to the funder, and wanted to say thank you to YOU for doing that webinar and helping our agency win a grant!


I have 20-years of development experience and will be writing grants for the first time in my career. My most significant takeaways include the need to understanding budgets and setting realistic timelines.

My biggest takeaway is building a need statement. We have that but not fully fleshed out. We usually build it for each grant. I think we can be more consistent about it. I like the Robin’s cadence. I stayed engaged.

Robin was actually able to make it a “conversation” even though it was a Webinar. Really kept me interested.

Robin’s cadence was great and she had good verbal examples.

Robin’s webinar addressed many issues that we as a board are experiencing now. And the information presented will help us to formulate a plan that will provide a positive path to resolution and a more effective board. Our organization is growing and many of these issues need to be addressed.


This was the perfect intro to being a board member for this beginner who wants to do it right!


I’ve been involved on both sides of board – as a member and as staff. Robin’s presentation was fabulous in breaking down all of the roles and responsibilities. Robin did a very nice job of simplifying something that is so complex for most people. I will be recommending this to other friends who are both staff and board members!


Robin’s webinar helped solidify my understanding of board member responsibilities. It also provided me with some talking points for future board and committee meetings.


Robin was very helpful. It should be available for all new members to preview it prior to accepting, or being asked, to become a Board Member. Would do a refresher OR participate in “Becoming a Board Member 201”!


Robin gave a very thorough training for new board members. As an Executive Director I wish that all of my past board members had this training before committing to our board!


Robin’s webinar gave me the knowledge and motivation to become an effective board member.


Robin was excellent! The layout of the webinar materials was clear and easy to follow.


I really liked Robin’s energy! The amount of material and her pace was excellent. I am very confident I can help reshape and implement the items she discussed.


Good organization, energy and pacing. Easy to follow. Looking forward to using tools.


Highly recommended and great value – whether you have a high-functioning board or not!


Great material presented and included in library. Worthy expense and time commitment!


Helpful for young boards!


The steps were so clearly explained and provides a foundation for moving our organization forward!


Logical and organized presentation.


I found the webinar incredibly helpful and will definitely refer to the slides as I build my major donor portfolio!


Very valuable for folks at small organizations, and for folks who have specialized in the other niche kinds of giving and haven’t done much in individual giving.


The content in this FREE webinar was a great introduction to the topic of Major Gifts and Portfolios. The use of frequent polls for live feedback from participants also made it more engaging.


I really appreciated how Robin solicited and answered questions throughout the webinar. I like that she covered a lot of the basics without drilling on too many details. The materials look like they will be very helpful.


I appreciate the bonus materials. They will be very useful to me.


It was a wonderful tutorial for new, and great refresher for even experienced, board members. I am recommending that we use it as part of our board member orientation


Such interesting presenters and topics, and Robin certainly used polls and the Q&A to best advantage. Well done!


I appreciate the fact that Robin not only provided slides from the presentation that can be used by each nonprofit as a tool of their own (as Board orientation in this example), but also templates and samples that can be customized. Such a wonderful help!


Robin Cabral was a great speaker!


Robin really knows her stuff! Ideas were presented that I hadn’t thought of before – ways to take your presence to the next level.


Great information (lots of it too) presented in an easy-to-follow manner.


Very knowledgeable presenter who covered the topic thoroughly and provided forms/examples to take and refer to.


This webinar was very helpful in laying out clearly and thoroughly, step-by-step, the processes involved in ensuring transparency and sustainability in Board development.


This was so incredibly helpful and showed the major gaps we have in board management and engagement.


As they say… “ignorance is bliss”. I never knew there was so much to creating a good and effective board of directors. Robin opened my eyes to what it takes to move my nonprofit forward!


This was the most comprehensive training on board management that I’ve ever attended. Robin fit so much information into 90 minutes and provided excellent resources to use on the job.


Thank you for introducing me to the consent agenda! I can’t wait to use the format in our next meeting.


For someone who has run an organization that has been (for the most part) entirely run by volunteer effort, Robin’s presentation was the most informative introduction to what will probably be our next venture!


Robin’s presentation was so useful, I have better tools at my disposal and to suggest to my co-workers so I can be a more valuable asset to the capital campaign team!


Often times, fundraising people feel alone in their job at a nonprofit. I really enjoyed having a coach to bounce ideas off of and ensure we were following best practices.


Very informative; love the handouts and resources.


What People Are Saying On Alignable

Robin Cabral is a person of great energy and talent. I offer an unreserved recommendation of her.

Brian Lacy and Associates

Development Consulting Solutions lead by Robin Cabral CFRE with her team are highly-qualified with decades of experience to provide the service(s) you need. Robin and the team share a wealth of knowledge about the latest trends and best practices in resource development. If you are considering a capital campaign, DCS is the consultant to accomplish the campaign with in-depth planning, implementation, and management from Day One to successful completion. Your campaign will be conducted in the most ethical manner, on budget and each and every deadline will be meet. DCS has a successful record managing multi-million campaigns, and in some cases, exceeding the original goal. DCS has the added distinction of “in the trenches” experience. DCS is not just a consulting firm, but a dedicated team of professionals, each with their individual expertise,that gives you a well-rounded approach to your project. DCS knows from first-hand experience what it takes to be successful in resource development.

Commonsense FundraisingLLC

Robin knows her field of expertise well, and can lead organizations to success.

Queen Bee Fundraising

Robin’s passion that she has for being the medium that connects businesses development solutions really shows. I recommend Robin to any business with a specific goal in mind, as she pays close attention to detail.

Bloomerang Webinar’s Testimonials

(Nov 2017)

Your session was the most useful webinar I have attended in a long time. Thank you very much!

Scott Morgan Executive Director

We have dedicated every Thursday morning for the foreseeable future to create our ‘Case for Support’! We appreciate your inspiration and direction!

Mike Elliot

Thank you for the very clear presentation of the case for support. I had never heard of separating it into two: internal and external, but it makes so much sense!

Chris Chang Weeks

I really needed the refresher – sometimes things become scattered in one’s thinking and you have certainly put me back on track.

Ruth McLean Dawson

Thank you for the wonderful information and I would love to dip into your wealth of wisdom some more.

Kohinoor Chakravarty Director of Development and Communications

Great webinar today! I definitely had an a-ha moment about consistent messaging outside of just the development department.

Anna Madrigal

Great presentation today, thank you! It helped me realize that I had all kinds of components of what you talked about, but not all assembled like this.

Kristen Crawford Director of Development & Entrepreneurship Network

Thank you for your great presentation on Developing Your Case for Support sponsored by Bloomerang. I am now quite motivated to get cracking on our internal and external documents.

Evelina EricksonSenior Director of Development

I participated in the Bloomerang webinar today and was grateful for the good information you shared.  Thanks for taking the time to do it! I wanted you to know I appreciated what you shared and you had some great information.

Mark Glidden

Very informative!! Great information I can use immediately, and a lot to think about into the future.

Lydia Gaudet

Robin was amazing and very informative! I took away a lot of great tips I will definitely use.


Robin was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable; this was a fantastic overview of how to advance your career within an organisation and there were teasers for other possibilities! I would have loved to go deeper on some of the topics as Robin had so much to offer and we actually ran over time. Robin got a lot of engagement from the participants which was great…a really valuable webinar that has my head buzzing with ideas. Thank you so much.


 “He said your session was one of the best he has even been to on major gifts (and he has been to IFC in both Amsterdam and Asia, several times, as well as more FIA Conferences than he can probably count)…”

Laura, Perth Western Australia Fundraising Forum 2019

I was very impressed with the event overall and my only suggestion would to have more take away collateral for attendees to use back in our roles. Robyn was the only presenter that did this and I found this invaluable.

Robin’s presentation was incredible – she was very insightful, and provided clear steps about how to qualify and engage with major gift prospects – I feel I can hit the ground running straight away. The fact that she shared her materials with us was very generous too.

Very extensive and helpful for nonprofits wanting to start a capital campaign

Our Board is considering a capital campaign. This webinar gave me–the E.D.–valuable information for our Board to make that all-important go/no-go decision.

Very thorough webinar with a highly experienced presenter!

Robin shared practical, useful information that when implemented, will enable my organization to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Wow, I am the President and Founder of a non-profit organization that is now in it’s third year of operation. This webinar was exactly what I needed and look forward to sharing this information with the Board. Plus I now have way more knowledge regarding finding the best Board candidates, being clear on what the expectations are and performing the annual self-assessments. Furthermore it’s time to develop a Board Governance Committee.

This was a great step by step guide to having a more engaged board of directors. Thank you! This was exactly what I needed.

The webinar was informative and very timely. The slides and extra materials provided made the cost well worth it.

The webinar gave wonderful insight into the process of creating an involved an committed Board.  Support was given to teh positive things our organization was doing as well and consider guidance with respect to our organizatinal shortcomings and how to correct them.

Great webinar – lots of information in short time which is great for me, especially at this time when demands in my job are changing with COVID-19 updates daily.

Presentation of what can be intimidating concepts and processes, in an accessible “doable” way. Still a lot to digest but I can see an actionable starting point now.
Concise and valuable information with translatable action steps to take.
The step-by-step process was most helpful and all the added resources!!!!

Robin has useful tips that I will employ to booster my LinkedIn profile

Good tips for updating your online presence and other ideas for monitoring your brand.

I found Robin to be really knowledgeable and the session was practical and informative. I would highly recommend it!

Very informative and practical information that you can apply immediately!!

Great Information! Lots of new information that I was unaware of. Will be putting this new knowledge to use in the coming days!

Robin presented immediately usable information.

I appreciated the tips on how to make myself more internet search friendly. While I am not looking to leave my position, networking is important in fundraising and these tips work well for everyday as well as job searching. Thank you!

This was an incredible webinar! Robin gave true actionable tasks to improve your personal brand. I have not found a webinar in the nonprofit fundraising industry that has motivated and educated me this thoroughly in personal branding!

While I may not be searching for a job at the moment, they were still some great tips!

Thanks for all of the tips for how to update our Social Media presence!

Loved all the information and suggestions given by Robin and back by stats. This webinar was so helpful, and I will definitely be stepping up my social media presence. Thank you for proving this free webinar!

Robin was an engaging and informed presenter, providing lots of valuable insight and advice for novice to experienced fundraisers alike. Well worth the hour. Thank you.