Consulting & Coaching Testimonials

Thank you so much, Robin,

I enjoy our calls and all of your help. You are helping me to start a new pattern in my operations. That I will use for years to come. Thank you.
I am putting notes up where I can see them now.

Your professionalism and wisdom were a plus for the PEARSON Foundation!  All the best!

OMG, it is like you are reading my mind – the pdf resource you shared is EXACTLY what I need, and just when I need it. Thank you so much!

Thank you for everything you have done for Taylor. Getting Taylor Community on the path for development was huge!…and not easy. You are a joy. — Susan ( Denopoulos) Abrami

I wanted to send a note to express how much I appreciate what you are doing for our organization and who you are as our development professional. You bring a depth and wealth of experience to our institution that I not only admire but we so desperately need. I don’t take for granted how organized you are helping us become, and how well you manage your Associate to be efficient and effective on our behalf.

I would recommend you to anyone. Your audit last year was fantastic and is really helping me with my development plan. We have a lot to do here but you have put us in the right direction.

I have worked with Ms. Cabral for a couple of years. She conducted an audit of my former organization and when I moved on and realized my new organization needed her expertise and I commissioned her for our development audit. She has the knowledge and organizational skills to put a wavering board and agency on track in the area of development and best practices. Her process of identifying challenges and strengths works as she creates a document that you would not want to sit on the shelf. She also offers support to walk you through her recommendations and projections. She responds quickly and professionally via e-mail and teleconferencing. She is sharp and keeps herself informed about the most recent trending practices in development.

Robin is an absolute pleasure to work with. So patient and talented.

I thought it was incredible that she “met” with me literally in the middle of the night for her, as she is currently stuck in Australia. Bless her…it was 3:30 in the morning for her when we spoke, and she was rocking it out like it was the middle of the day. Just an extra note of praise for her dedication to her work and appreciation from me for compromising precious sleep for our time together! 🙂

Adding to the chorus!  It has been a great partnership, and I have learned so much from working with all of you.
And yes, I look forward to the future together.

Through her development audit, she provided us with the long-term vision for our fund development efforts. She helped us to see the big picture and provided us with a blueprint for moving forward.

Many thanks! To our surprise, without any kind of ask at all, just an envelope enclosed-to date we have received $10,208.40! We mailed to about 600 and have received returns from 152. One donation was for $2,000-That is the largest single donation we have ever received!

Robin L. Cabral is one of the most dedicated professionals that I know. She is driven by results. Dedicated to the cause.

This is a darn good direct mail appeal letter. We make a great team together.

Robin Cabral is an amazing, professional fundraiser with a winning attitude who commands results!

You are great and 110% dedicated to what you do !!! … I admire that you help nonprofit businesses with their needs through creative fundraising efforts !!! …. you go, girl !!! …

Thank you for the valuable leadership, professionalism, warmth, and personal effort you gave to our organization. You are leaving the program on a good foundation; be proud of that growth.

You’ve worked hard and done an amazing job! Now that I’m involved, I am in awe of all the details and concerns you had to piece together to make a vibrant and complete whole!! Thank you for your love, care and dedication on behalf of our organization.

Another great tool for our fundraising toolbox! Check out this great site for complete fundraising help; seminars, trainings consultations. Meet Robin and tap into her talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and demonstrated local know how in raising more money!

You are everything that everyone I have yet spoken to has to say; passionate about your work, extremely personable and highly dedicated to your profession.

Refreshing to have an outside perspective of your work!

Great facilitator!

I think our organization should be proud of this effort and approach to planning for the future!

I am heartened that our strategic plan will be solid and well crafted, due to your diligence and commitment.

We have had a great response to our campaign.  I did some face to face that resulted in a $15,000 gift, and we are presently at $105,350 on our $102,000 goal.

Congrats, your application to Amelia Peabody for EMR was funded. Thank you!

Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your responsiveness. It is quite unusual, and most appreciated.

It was a pleasure to speak with you, and we’re confident you are the person to map out the path ahead for our organization. Looking forward to our next meeting.

I so loved working with you and realizing all the blogs and workshops and web meetings I’ve been inhaling over the last two years at least allow me to understand fully what you are saying!

Your report today was comprehensive, on the money, and will help us focus our development efforts in the right direction.

I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to a long and prosperous partnership!

Thanks for all you do, Robin. I tell you, I sleep better each night AND have actually FINISHED two novels!
xoxo the happy camper

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, you did a great job last night and it was truly appreciated! I can say I was inspired by it to truly look at how I carry on, not just in regards to the organization but in all aspects, so thank you!

This case for support is a monumental and fantastic asset to our organization. It will pay dividends. Great job Robin.

Thanks Robin. What would we do without you.

We were blessed with a very dedicated development consultant, Robin Cabral, who has been working with us for the past six months and developed our fund development plan. Robin is now helping us implement that ambitious plan.

This case for support document is fantastic and strong and will be SO effective!!!

Thanks so much for your excellent organization and direction.

The results have been pretty unbelievable for us, believe me!

I’m most thankful this year for having such a wonderful development guru ALWAYS on tap and teaching and leading the Friends on the path to “Best little non-profit in New Beffa”

Thank you, Robin. We are so grateful that you have joined us to further this very important work. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like without you there.

Robin, in only 7 months, has managed to not only get our very uneducated board on a more professional track but also increased our revenue 200%! She is ORGANIZED. She explains her plans clearly. She writes beautifully. She is always prompt in answering my many emailed questions. We have never had ANY paid help in our 30 years but I knew it was time and I am so thankful we found Robin…she is a perfect fit and is leading us on our first capital campaign, and trust me, without her we would not be even considering such big project!
To sum up my feelings… Robin is what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving! I have “a life” back as she has taken such a big burden of leadership off my shoulders.

You have been a godsend to us. I cannot thank you enough for filling the breach, and doing it so brilliantly.

God bless you for all your efforts to help us end our year strong. You are a great lady with terrific ideas. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. You are a wonderful woman!

Thanks so much for todays session. I think it was helpful to hear your input….definitely! I left the meeting with our Campaign Chair and he walked out saying he really thought this was a good use of our time and it’s apparent that we have to stay focused on the A list askers and prospects….and actually do some asks!!

I feel so much more confident about fundraising this year with your help.

Thank you so much again for your help, this has been, truly, an incredible learning experience. With your help, we’ll have the funding to afford your services again in the near future, to reach even greater goals! I feel so much more at ease with having a plan in place.

I have worked with Robin for over a year at our organization. We brought her on to help us with fundraising and development. She is the consummate pro in her field and has extensive experience with faith-based organizations.

Thank you, Robin for all you have done. You are a delight to work with.

Thank you for your dedication to our mission! We are eternally grateful for the progress we’ve made as an organization building our culture of philanthropy–we could not have done it with your guidance, patience, persistence, and prayer.

You definitely brought us true value, which we’ve found to be extremely difficult to find in this area, and I want to thank you for all your hard work and time.

Great proposal, Robin! I don’t know how you found the time to put this together, but we are very grateful that you did. If approved, this will allow us to move forward with our plan!

You have been of inestimable value to the organization.

Thanks Robin,

I am deeply encouraged by your coaching — my hopefulness of growing is increasing.

You are an amazing coach. I would not have been able to go very far without you. Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Robin as a coach for the past year.  During that time she has been my strongest advocate, my go-to for all things fundraising and my sounding board for a variety of challenges.  Robin’s coaching has given me the courage to take the necessary steps to begin moving towards all my career goals.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without all her help, encouragement and faith.

So it’s going well I think we might be getting …spoiled!!! Your coaching is invaluable!  Connecting donor’s passion with our vision.

Robin is very helpful, patient and a great teacher/coach.

I have the best coach ever!!

The reason I checked they should choose a different coach is because I don’t want to lose her. 🙂 She’s incredible!! NFG should use her to train your other coaches. I can’t say enough praises for the work she does – this is her wheel house.

Actually I’d give her a 10 not a 5 – she is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. You would do well to ask her to train your other coaches.

I love my coach! She is an amazing teacher.

Robin is amazing and helps me so much. She’s a great teacher….

Robin is very black and white when it comes to setting goals and staying on plan. I like her approach very much.

Robin made me feel very comfortable.

Robin is the best…she is so willing to show me step by step when I have a problem or don’t understand.

Robin is very patient and understanding.

Easy to talk to, knowledgeable and had done homework to know more about our organization in advance of our first talk.

She listens, challenges, offers insights, holds me accountable and shares her notes of our session. I always go away challenged to More, and encouraged to keep pressing on and taking risks.

Robin is terrific!

Honestly 10 minutes in I knew I choose the best coach for us. Robin is a perfect fit.

She is the best!!

She is the best – seriously. This is not hyperbole. She listens, understands, challenges, helps, and gives me our session notes, follows up, checks in, – Thank You!! for hiring her. A huge difference from my previous coach.

She walks me through those issues that I have problems with. I have learned so much!

Robin is always very helpful and patient.

Robin is stuck in Australia, slammed, and made room for us in her schedule (in the middle of the night for her!) to give us an emergency coaching session. We serve seniors who are at high risk in the pandemic, and had an urgent need. EVERYTHING about what she is doing for us is spectacular.

What’s NOT spectacular about Robin?!

This work can feel so overwhelming but Robin has helped break it down into actionable small things to get done.

You gave us a much-needed shift in our thinking. Well worth our time and investment.

I can’t thank you enough for your time with DATMA. You’ve taught me a lot and helped me become more courageous in approaching donors. Thank you for your willingness to get to know DATMA.  I couldn’t have been happier than to have support from DCS during COVID… so crazy, but you guys were reassuring and helped us work through this bizarre time. We are really pleased with your work and hope to engage another contract in the next 6 months or sooner.

I am really glad that we engaged with you for our upcoming grant and it is such a relief to have the final part done with 4 days to go!

This time around it has been exciting and rewarding to be able to help add the finishing touches of information.

I had lots of ideas in my head and you helped me to put them in order.

You helped me to realize that if the Board is not part of the goal-setting process, they won’t own the process.

Robin is very good with explanations and she listens to us.


Very nice demeanor.

Dr. Ricky

Robin is an absolute joy to work with—even late on a Friday afternoon, you can tell she is passionate about helping fundraise!


She was amazing. Gave us some very useful information and tips. Answered all of our questions!


Robin has provided consultation to my organization for over a year. Her experience was instrumental during the pandemic, helping to guide my organization through a difficult fundraising year. She is on top of the details and makes all her appointments. Robin is always prepared and has pushed me to be the type of fundraiser that best supports my organization. I find that Robin is a great teacher/ mentor, kind, and has a gentle, yet purposeful teaching approach.


Robin walks on water — you have a gem in your midst.

Dr. Ricky

As the President & CEO of Taylor Community in Laconia, New Hampshire I brought Robin Cabral on as development consultant. Robin was charged with initiating a new development effort for our organization from the ground up. In short, Robin excelled in this effort. She was always prepared, enthusiastic, genuine and persistent. Our results were superb.


Thank you so much! I felt our work helped very much even as I was still going through the application process. I ended up actually hearing about the job from an old college professor of mine who has an old student who now is a recruiter and was looking for people to fill roles. I felt the tools we had worked on helped in the discussion and interview process most. You were right in how important networking is however. If I hadn’t stayed in touch with my professor (who knows quite a lot of people in the healthcare field) I would never have found out about this opportunity.


She was great. Set us on a great, digestible action plan for success.


Robin is always extremely supportive and provides me with great feedback when giving her my thoughts/ideas. Always so positive with her responses and input!!


Encouraging, supportive, keeping us focused, helping us see our weak spots.


Robin gets excited about what we have done and the response we get from the public. She also pushes us to do more, be professional and be better.


Robin is patient and can tease out ideas from what we are sharing.

Sr. Martha

She made some great suggestions on how to further our fundraising and communication efforts.


Robin was very attentive and knowledgeable.


Great listener, helped me at the place I was in!

Mary Jo

The way she asks questions pushes me and provides feedback. She makes me better and stronger with each session.


You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me ever!!!!!! (Just kidding, husband and kids, but this is certainly right up there!)


Thank you Robin! It has been a blessing to learn from you this past year!!


Robin, Thank you. You are such a wonderful resource. Much appreciated and I look forward to connecting on this.


Robin was terrific — answered all my questions and clearly knew the topic inside and out.


I would recommend Robin especially to those who are new to boards


I think she is skilled at focusing quickly on each new conversation with a coaching client and working on what that particular situation requires. And she has a lot of knowledge and experience to add to the conversation.


Robin always knows what is happening in the broader world of fundraising, and has great ideas grounded in practical real world experience. A true pleasure to work with


All the things. The support, the questions, the examples.


She is patient, focused, follows up with us between sessions


Very informative with detailed and specifically helpful information that wanted to make you implement it right away


I will recommend Robin to new members of our Board.


This was honestly life-changing! I sit on two boards, and am starting a nonprofit myself, the tools provided will make the perfect framework to both improve my impact and form my own board.


This was a well planned and informative webinar and Robin answered a lot of my questions as a new board member of a couple of NFP’s. The materials were clear and spoke to my concerns and lack of knowledge.


This would be a good orientation for new Board Members. Full of insights, guides lines and useful tools.


Robin was informative and her presentation will be helpful in my future work as a board member.


Robin was very knowledgeable. It was good that she thanked and praised those who asked questions.


I so appreciate your support when I needed it most. It was a game changer for me and helped me to reach a place of peace in my work by getting additional support in my office. Thank you for working with us both.


Robin was great, and provided a lot of excellent content. Thanks so much for the webinar!

Katherine E

I was astounded by what I didn’t know about Creating an Engaged BoD! I have served on many boards for many years, and I don’t think that any of them had (any/all) the processes that were presented today. While my non profit’s BOD is “engaged”, I didn’t know the true meaning of the word until the webinar today.


I want to start by thanking Robin for the role they played in helping us reach this milestone. Robin had the great idea to use the catchy phrase “close the gap” and developed a plan for the mini-campaign which positioned us to raise almost as many gifts in the past 2 months than we received throughout the entirety of the rest of the capital campaign and $1 million more!


Wow! You rock lady! Thanks bunches!


She is a quick study and gave us great suggestions!


Robin is patient, has good input, encouraging and fun!

Barabara L

She has great organizational sense (i.e. how best to fundraise based on our org culture and strengths), which she gleaned from our website AHEAD of TIME; which definitely impressed me. Her great brainstorming ability and ability to process details around capacity.

Elizabeth RW

You are one of the most engaging speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and learning from. Thanks so much.


This was a great webinar with an engaged and informed host. I found the information succinct and useful – every second was spent learning, and I had my notes out the whole time.


Great webinar on building your personal brand! I can’t wait to implement some of the strategies shared in the session today. I think learning how to sell yourself is key to career growth.


I learned so many aspects of LinkedIn that I need to improve. What a revelation.


So much good information about establishing an online presence.


Robin is patient, creative, fun. She is the best!


Robin is always responsive and helpful.


Robin was wonderful to work with. She had great ideas to share and gave us a direction to head towards.


Robin is a great listener and a problem solver!


Robin kept after me to follow through on what I had talked about at the last session. I appreciate that as I sometimes get lazy and don’t follow through.

Sister Martha

Thank you so much for thinking of this meeting already. You are such a breath of fresh air I want to hug you right through the ether!


Grant submitted! Thank you so much for all of your help… it was truly wonderful!


Just writing to let you know that we were successful for the MVP Grant! Thank you for all your help on this one.


At long last I heard from the state and we were awarded $100 K in CITC credits! A big thanks to you for all of your hard work!


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. It has been the best presentation I’ve seen on the subject.


Robin was very informative and generous with information. Helpful webinar!

It is great to hear from someone who is experienced and has overcome many roadblocks that this industry brings.

I take great value in presentations that provide different points of view and make me think. I received several of those valuable experiences in this webinar. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the excellent presentation you made on Major Gifts!

Extremely helpful and motivating!

Thank you for the tools and tips to advance my career in fundraising!

This was a wonderful way to learn additional information on how to reach donors. Every new nugget of information your receive will add to your toolbox!

I really enjoy attending only free webinars because my agency no longer has a dedicated development budget for this. I enjoyed today’s free webinar on “Building a Major Donor Portfolio” as it was loaded with a lot of very helpful tips and information. It was good that the webinar resource link was emailed to me in plenty of time before the webinar so that I could access and download the slide presentation to have during the webinar.

Clear, concise, and fun webinar. Thank You!

I got the useful tips from Robin!

Robin’s webinar was very detailed in its presentation that I could take it back to my organization for them to implement.

Thank you very much for the excellent presentation you made on Major Gifts. Extremely helpful and motivating!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Robin through another organization and she is amazing! Anyone in the non-profit sector would be lucky to work with her.


I serve on several boards and am also the executive director of a non-profit organization. This webinar was very helpful to me as a board member and also for the organization I work. I will be using tools learned from this webinar for me personally and professionally. I am especially excited about the materials that are available with this webinar.


Robin adapts to what I am able to accomplish and she is good at taking what I have achieved and moving me toward what it needs to become.


Robin has been extremely patient and kind while I have been short-staffed and unable to spend as much time as I’d like on the NFG project. She always provides helpful insights, and equally important, resources that are very helpful as we try to grow our donor base and board participation. She has provided me with resources that will facilitate our donor cultivation.


The peer-to-peer fundraising campaign was a huge success, and definitely responsible for a large bulk of those donations. We are so happy with the amount we raised, and very proud of our team for the great work they put in to make it a success 🙂 Thank you for your guidance and support – We look forward to expanding & adding to our peer-to-peer campaign next year with more ideas that we discussed with you.


I wanted to share about the capital campaign webinar that our non-profit purchased in 2017. It was amazing and was central to our success in eliminating $600,000 in building debt in 18 months.
Thank you!


Robin adapts to what I am able to accomplish and she is good at taking what I have achieved and moving me toward what it needs to become.


Robin has been extremely patient and kind while I have been short-staffed and unable to spend as much time as I’d like on the NFG project. She always provides helpful insights, and equally important, resources that are very helpful as we try to grow our donor base and board participation. She has provided me with resources that will facilitate our donor cultivation.


Robin was great, as always! She was a tremendous sounding board for some board engagement issues I needed help with.


Robin is the best!


Robin is awesome, giving me ideas for things I didn’t even realize we could do!!!


Robin is engaging, knowledgeable and we can’t wait to begin working with her!


Robin has been wonderful. She is meeting all of my hopes and needs!


Robin put things in easy, straightforward, ways that I could understand. Have a lot of work ahead of us but we can do it.


I am thrilled to put all of the information I learned to practice in my growing nonprofit.


Robin is a great listener. She is flexible in her approach for an initial session.


Robin was very patient with my questions and helped me brainstorm and work through some ideas and information.


Robin is very patient with me and also quite intuitive.


Robin was personable and adaptive to our specific needs and situation. I really appreciated her focus on actionable advice, particularly as we’re in the middle of year-end giving. Despite the brevity of the meeting, I came out of the appointment with a basic overview plan for fundraising to year end.


She is patient with me and asks introspective questions that allow me to think about the overall reason for fundraising for the organization’s needs.


One thing Robin said to me was a statement about creating a culture of accountability with my board. I have taken that concept and made it a strategy and theme for my organization this year (2022).


She was great with our new board President and Secretary.


She listens to us and crafts her suggestions accordingly.


I appreciated how she had real-world examples and resources in response to every question I had. I also appreciated her sensible but unyieldingly upbeat confidence that I could get better about fundraising, even though I was starting from a position of next to no familiarity with the process.


Robin guided us with some very good advice!


Robin readily assists with flushing out solutions with ease.


Robin has all the answers and gives good examples.


Robin has an instructional style, she uses every day language not jargon. I find her style very helpful to my learning process.


Robin was so approachable and had great nuggets to help us pilot individual giving strategies. She was so kind helpful and fun! I loved her personality!


I kept telling people you are my fairy godmother who makes all my development dreams come true!


My experience in the jumpstart program so far has been very positive. Robin has been a very attentive coach and has not only helped me set up and navigate the system, but she has helped me set our fundraising goals and program from scratch. We are starting our fundraising campaign for the first time this year, and she has been really helpful and attentive to our needs. I’m looking forward to putting the finishing touches on our plan and executing it with the help of Robin. Have a great day!


Robin is always positive and able to keep us on track.


Very interactive, understanding, and helpful


Robin was ALWAYS encouraging, helpful, and following through on her promises.


All the information, pointers, and recommendations were game-changers. Robin is very knowledgeable, with her guidance made us realize that we needed to improve in a lot of areas. She is a great coach. We are confident that our Fundraising campaigns will now stand out!


Robin is insightful and very helpful!


Robin is able to engage us wherever we are. Very patient with us and able to give us some options.


Robin helped us do some additional filters to be able to examine data.


Robin is very patient, great with figuring out what I need and gives awesome feedback.


Very helpful and understanding, knowledgeable


I mentioned a problem we had identified and Robin immediately offered a potential solution and helped me quickly learn the implementation of a new area I’d not worked with before – Forms. Robin showed great examples and also suggested a website integration of the form that could be incredible for us!”


Robin is willing to go above and beyond to assist us!


Robin is willing to help in any way possible.


Robin was very patient and does a great job of explaining things.


I love it! All of it! I have struggled with finding an artist to help me craft our stories. I know we have so many amazing stories to tell, but I could never find the right professional to help me with it. I had high hopes for my last DOD but, alas—she was all talk!


It was a pleasure to work with Robin. She was helpful in guiding us throughout our year working with her and in planning for this transition so that I feel confident that I can continue to make progress on the things we discussed.


Robin’s ability to address our concerns was spectacular.


Robin is knowledgeable, resourceful, tuned in to the needs of my organization, very helpful.


I just want to share to you that our Giving Tuesday calls campaign was VERY well done and that we are very impressed!


I want to thank you again for squeezing us into your schedule.


I’m looking forward to the last two days of December now instead of dreading them!


We have more unrestricted funding availabe to us. More importantly, our knowledge as an organization has grown about fundraising and our comfort level with fundraising has increased at Board level.

Tracey ThomaseySurvivor Journeys

The data has shown us holes in our original plan. Because of JumpStart, we were able to speak with our coach on an easy way to increase fundraising using tools — and it didn’t add too much additional time to our already busy schedule.

Often times, fundraising people feel alone in their job at a nonprofit. I really enjoyed having a coach to bounce ideas off of and ensure we were following best practices.

Nicole KurutCatholic Charities Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

Your attention to every detail, ownership of your deliverables, organization and expertise have been invaluable!

Carey DoughertyMalta House

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for the past two years. You came back to our life at such a critical time, and were just what I and Malta House needed.

Carey DoughertyMalta House

With Robin’s assistance our April Newsletter had our highest open rate at 33.3%!

Holly NatteOur Hope Association

The Christmas appeal brought in $110,000 which was fantastic. The segmented letters and the change to the way we did the letter along with your great appeal letter writing – all have obviously made a difference.