Remote Donor Management Data Entry Services

Development Consulting Solutions has a cadre of staff available to assist your organization’s database and data entry needs.

Did you know that we provide a variety of Donor Management System maintenance and servicing remotely?

What do we do?

– We work with the most common Donor Management Systems including E-Tapestry, Boomerang, and Network for Good.

– We work with you to “clean-up” your data including scrubbing constituent codes and attributes that have gone awry and eliminating those pesky duplicates.

– We establish protocols for data entry including when needed developing a Data Entry Consistency Manual.

– We remotely and securely enter gifts, create gift acknowledgments, and produce reports needed by your organization’s leadership.

– We run queries to get you the data that you need for direct mail appeals, newsletter, and other such mailings.

– We confidentially maintain records on your donors including actions, contact notes, and other biographical and historical data.

And, more!

Contact us today to set up a free complimentary assessment session and determine how we can assist your Donor Management System data entry needs.