Robin Cabral
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We’re growing our interim fundraising division to help YOU reach your possibility.

Let me share a story with you...A few years back when I first started consulting, I provided organizations like yourself with strategic fund development audits and assessments and then crafted finely honed plans.What I thought were roadmaps…
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How to get your fundraising “Mojo” back through finding your ideal development position

Not satisfied with where you are currently in your field?  Feeling like you have lost your "Mojo?"I know the feeling, I have "been there done that" as they say.What often happens next, is that we begin to apply for job after job with…
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How to ensure a successful new nonprofit fundraising year

Now that it is January, you may think that it is time to relax a bit after that hectic holiday season. However, now is the time to ensure that you have strong follow-up to your calendar year-end appeal.  If you have closed out one fundraising…
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How to create a manual that ensures your database stays clean and up to date

Now that December is here, I have been running many lists and queries and during those list pulls, I have noted inconsistent data in databases that have caused numerous complications during one of the busiest times of the year.As a result,…
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How to follow-up on your calendar year-end appeal once it is mailed

Now that your calendar year-end appeal has gone out in the mail, what is left to do?Well, if you take the "sit back and wait" approach you will be missing out for your organization.Here are some follow-up steps that you may want to consider…
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How to ensure the health of your development program through your annual fund

Often, groups wonder, on what should I focus most throughout my annual fund?Over the years, I have determined the most critical factors for ensuring that a development program is not only healthy but thriving.The health of a development…
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Engage your Board in your calendar year-end fundraising campaign

Engage your Board in your calendar year-end fundraising campaign When running your next year-end campaign, it is essential that your Board sends a loud, clear message to its constituents that it supports the organization's mission. The Board…
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Using a mini-feasibility study to determine the strategy of your next fundraising campaign

Ever wonder as to what is the best course to take with your fundraising strategy?  Let's say that you have been given a challenge match by a donor or you have a fundraising goal that the Board has given to you to raise.The question becomes not…
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Characteristics of a good development director

Technical skill or personality, which is most important when hiring a new Director of Development?That is a great question.And, while both would be ideal, that is not always a guarantee.So, what do you look for in this case?While…
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Developing “Strategic Relationship Building Strategies” for your donor prospects

Developing relationship building strategies for your donor prospects So, you have the start of a donor portfolio. You have run all the lists, sorted them, and then ranked them. And now, you have your top two hundred donors.Do you start…

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quick fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations

and crowdfund campaign to help you raise more money for your favourite cause. Many organizations when seeking to start their first development office do not which way to turn or where to start first. Far too many organizations often start and end with grant writing. They don’t get beyond this particular strategy. Quick Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations. It is year-end campaign planning time. Far too often I see organizations using a blanket approach with their donor base. With a few minor tweaks in their strategy, they can increase their revenues by a third, sometimes even double.